Yeah, I’ve been remiss in my blogging duties lately and I’m sorry. But here’s a few reasons why:

1. RWA National. It was wild and crazy and ohmigod, the good news I received on soooo many fronts (no, I ain’t talking yet. You’ll have to wait). I barely spent any time at all in my room–even sleeping was about 5 hours a night.

2. RWA National Part II. Did you know the cost of internet service in the hotel rooms was $17.95 a day?! Yikes. And I can’t forget to mention my $23 margarita.

3. RWA National Part III. Okay, so I just mentioned that internet cost. I paid for it anyway for a couple of days. Then I wrote this terrific post, really detailed, for last week’s Mid-Week Rude Awakening and when I clicked “Publish” my Blogger went down. And stayed down for the next twelve hours, requiring another $17.95 and a whole rewrite to post that topic. Eventually, I’ll rewrite it, but from home where it’s free.

4. RWA National Part IV. I met with several agents, and one in particular gave me an aha moment for the book I’m shopping around. Since she wanted to see this story within 7 days of meeting me, I’ve spent the last few days adding this new dimension. (For the record, the improved masterpiece was sent on Wednesday.)

5. RWA National Part V. Along with the aha moment for my current completed work, I absorbed enough energy to mentally map the next book I’ll be writing. Chapter 1 begins the journey from brain to paper this week. Yay!

So…what have you been up to?

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