If you’re anywhere in the US, you know this weekend is the Super Bowl, a time where football fans and non-fans alike gather to watch the game, marvel at the commercials and host huge parties. Now, I don’t mind football, but I admit to being self-absorbed about most sports. Unless my kid’s playing, the winners and losers mean nothing to me. My world keeps spinning in the same direction, I still have to go to Le Day Job on Monday, and unless I win the pool at the office, my financial picture remains the same. In other words, I just can’t be arsed.

So the tradition here is the boys go skiing. Yep, it’s a male bonding event the hubster and my son look forward to every year. They’re gone waaaaaay early in the morning, spend the day on the slopes, and then hit the nearby pub for giant burgers, beer for the man and root beer for the boy, and all things masculine while they watch the battle on the gridiron. My daughter will be working until six p.m., which gives me a full day to myself. Oh, the decadence! So while the rest of you are gobbling up Buffalo wings and screaming at the refs, here’s what I’ll be up to:

1. Mani-pedi. I’m long overdue to take care of my extremities and this winter’s really beaten my fingers and toes until they resemble the streets outside. Time for some TLC for my digits.

2. Color my hair. Don’t worry, I’m staying red. But Clairol had the nerve to discontinue my beautiful, unique shade. So now I have to experiment with new ones ’til I find the right blend. Experiment One was too dark. This is Experiment Two.

3. Shop. Yes, Super Bowl Sunday is the perfect shopping day. And since my current wardrobe needs a major overhaul, I’m up for some power spending.

4. Chick flicks. All the movies I never get to see, thanks to the non-romantic majority in my household. (What can I say? My husband considered “Crash” the feel good movie of the year. I’ve sat through “Saw” with the fam on Easter Sunday, and this past Christmas, we all cuddled up to watch “The Book of Eli.”) I need some happy endings!

5. Write. (Naturally.)

However you spend the day, enjoy! Go (whatever team you’re rooting for)!

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