It’s been a challenging few weeks for me, but I always try to remain positive. Here are five things that keep me going when the Fates are using me as their personal punching bag:

1. My family. Sure, we have our moments. But we know how to laugh together. And in the grand scheme of things, we rely on each other for strength when times are tough.
2. True friends. I’ve been blessed with people who genuinely care, who send me a message to let me know they’re thinking about me, and talk me into seeing the upside to any downturn. Thank you (you know who you are!)
3. The Day Job. Don’t see that too often, do you? But yeah. Sometimes, it’s good to have a place to go where I can lose myself in work that involves someone other than myself.
4. Coffee. Lots of sleepless nights translate to many zombie-like days. Thank goodness for that caffeinated elixir of the gods for keeping me going.
5. Hope. Every day I wake up is a day where things can change for the better.

If you’re feeling challenged now or in the future, try counting the good things in your life to help you conquer the imps of mischief.

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