It’s the first weekend in December and I’ve got big plans! “What are you up to now?” you ask. Well, I’ll tell you:

1. I’m speaking at the monthly meeting of the Rhode Island Romance Writers tomorrow. The topic is Hips Don’t Lie: Body Language Between the Sexes. I’ve added some new facts and fun into the mix so if you’re in the area of the Cumberland Library, stop down (or up).
2. Did I mention I’m going there with Trisha and Flo? Because what’s a star without an entourage? And these two ladies always keep me laughing and always make a fun time even better simply by being there.
3. The Newport Mansions are all decked out for Christmas and we’ll be at the Breakers tomorrow night for their special celebration.

4. Providence! No, not the divine intervention, silly. The city. I’ve been assured Rhode Island’s “not that big.” So we’ll spend time in Providence on Sunday before the drive back home. Yay, sightseeing! And I hafta hit a Christmas store for an ornament/souvenir. Family tradition.

5. While I’m partying in Rhode Island, my local chapter, Dunes & Dreams, will hold its annual elections, and guess who’s on the slate? Yep. I’m running (unopposed) for 2012 Vice President. (Only in RWA is it not a demotion to go from President to Vice President.)

Don’t worry. I’m bringing the camera.
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