RWA’s National Conference is just a few months away. Planning to attend? Here are a few things you should be doing now to get ready:

1. Order business cards. Even if you’re an unpubbed writer, it’s a good idea to have some business cards made up. Vistaprint helps you put together a nice, professional card at a great price.

2. Finish that WIP! You want to pitch to all the editors and agents in attendance, don’t you? But they won’t ask for anything unfinished unless you have a stellar track record. Increase your odds by barreling through what’s left of that manuscript.

3. Practice your pitch. Check out my article on my website: The High Concept Pitch: The Ten Items or Less Line to Success. Follow the guidelines I’ve posted and be ready to let your pitch fly off your lips at your pitch session, in the bar, in the elevator (but not in the ladies room!)

4. Save your cash. National isn’t cheap, particularly in a place like Manhattan. Start putting aside a few dollars out of each paycheck to cover your incidentals, the quick cup of coffee, or the drinks and appies at the bar.

5. Start planning your schedule. RWA has the list of workshops up on their website, including mine on Wednesday, Hips Don’t Lie: Body Language Between the Sexes. Start bracketing your time in a datebook or Google calendar so you get to see and do everything you plan to!

Hope I’ll see you there. Don’t forget to check out the rest of the Friday Five Family today. Their links are in my sidebar.