Okay, so last week I nagged you into writing more to finish that WIP in time for National. Since I’m currently on deadline, I know the pressure to write a lot in a short time can become paralyzing. But it doesn’t have to. Here are five ways you can maximize the amount of writing time you have in a day to get the most out of your head and into your WIP!

1. Shut out the world with headphones. If you love music when you write (like me), invest in a cheapie MP3 player or create a music library on your computer, plug in your headphones and shut out the world. If you prefer total silence, invest in a set of real cushioned headphones and use them to shut out the world. Wearing headphones gives you an added benefit: wearing them will signal your family that you’re “in the zone” and must not be interrupted except for bleeding that can’t be staunched and fires that can’t be contained.

2. Use downtown wisely: got a few minutes while the pasta is boiling? Write a paragraph! Taking (or giving the kids) a bath? Write while the tub is filling!

3. A lot of cell phones and electronic gadgets have recorders. Run dialogue while stuck in traffic and record it for inclusion in your WIP later.

4. DVR your favorite television show, set a timer and write non-stop for the amount of time you’d normally watch that program.

5. Find a quiet place for you and your laptop: a park, a diner, a coffee place. Clear a spot and write.

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