Are you an ID addict? That’s the tagline for Discovery Channel’s Investigation Discovery channel. I answer with a wholehearted, “Omigod, yes!” I am hooked on ID and watch it all night.

In case you don’t know what you’re missing, let me ‘splain. ID is true crime all day every day. I admit, my family’s a bit creeped out by my obsession with all things ID, but I just remind them it’s research. And it is, really. It doesn’t matter if you write suspense or mystery, the biographical backgrounds on both victims and criminals is awesome for characterization. What are you waiting for? Start watching! Here are five of my top, must-see shows:

1. Who the Bleep Did I Marry? Ain’t love grand? Well, not always. If you don’t believe me, check out what happened to some of these poor spouses who thought they married Prince or Princess Charming, but were horribly mistaken.

2. Deadly Women. Need I clarify? Stories from modern time as well as history about women who killed to solve whatever problems they encountered. I let the family come to their own conclusions on how this one serves as “research.”

3. Behind Mansion Walls. Because money doesn’t always buy happiness. Sometimes, it buys murder.

4. Scorned: Love Kills. Remember the bunny scene in Fatal Attraction? Yeah, it’s like that. On crack.

5. Facing Evil. An FBI profiler reviews a killer’s case and then actually interviews the killer in prison. Characterization anyone?

There are lots more to choose from and new shows being added all the time (I caught the new Dates From Hell the other night and was riveted! I have a feeling that’s gonna be a new favorite.) So are you an ID addict? What’s your favorite?

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