Over the last week or so, I’ve seen some pretty bizarre news stories and I have to question whether people are willing to do anything for publicity, or I’m one of the rare few who hasn’t hopped the Crazy Train.

First, in the “Not Another Author Attempting to Fool All of the People Some of the Time” Department comes this NY Times article about a bestselling author who wrote an essay about attending a play at his son’s school. Only problem is, it wasn’t his story and had actually been copyrighted by another author years earlier. Mr. Bestseller claims he’s told the story so many times he must have subconsciously considered it his own memory rather than an anecdote he’d read. Umm…yeah. Because I always remember someone else’s kid’s moments as being my own kid’s moment. Nice try.

Here’s another goodie: Talk about a bad case of “I want my stuff back!” A NY man is suing his estranged wife to get his kidney back (or the monetary equivalent: 1.5 million dollars) as part of their divorce settlement. Seems he donated the organ to his then loving spouse a few years ago. Learning she cheated on him and now frustrated with their ever-wrangling divorce proceedings, he wants more than blood from this rock. Who do you blame? The bitter husband, the cheating wife, or the lawyer who thought it a good idea to file the lawsuit? Saddest of all? This couple has three children who will now come face to face with this ugliness.

And because bizarro behavior isn’t limited to the U.S., here’s a story from Australia about the Blow-Up Doll Thief who breaks into sex shops, steals blow up dolls, blows them up, has sex with them, and discards them in an alley.

Okay, laugh all you want, but guess what? If I tried to write a story that had any of these bizarro incidents included, no editor would allow the story to go to print. Truth really is stranger, and often, more unbelievable, than fiction.