It was bound to happen eventually. I mean, I have a reputation for being hard on those I love, those I rely on to see me through the rough times. After all, there’s only so much support a good friend can supply before they just can’t give any more. And I can be a bit too needy sometimes. I know that. It’s only natural that, after a time, my demands become impossible to meet and the giver can no longer provide me with succor.

I’ve said goodbye so often over the years. I should be used to it. But this time is different. 

Oh, sure, I saw the signs lately. The times I’d seek out encouragement or a jolt of courage, and it would take just a little too long to get a reaction. But I told myself I was imagining it. Denial, the professionals call it. Deep down inside, I knew. I just didn’t want to admit it. Didn’t want to believe I’d burned out another one. After all, I thought this time was gonna last a lot longer. I’d invested so much more in this relationship.

But, in the end, I wound up disappointed yet again. And so, it’s time to say farewell.

Farewell, dear Keurig. You were wonderful. But you’ve gasped your last. And so, I must put you out of your misery (and mine), consigning you to the Kitchen Appliance Hall of Fame along with all your past counterparts: the Mr. Coffees, the summer blenders I’ve burned out on too many margaritas, the toasters the Hubster has punched (don’t ask). Alas, poor Keurig, you served me well. You shall be missed.

Rumor has it the Cuisinart’s on sale with a rebate. I think I might be in love again… 

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