Have you been to my website lately? How about my Katherine Brandon site? Did you know I did all the work on both sites myself? Well, the headers were designed for me by two extremely talented ladies: Gina’s redheaded girl and sparkles came from Chrissy at Websong Designs, and Katherine’s golden fusion of ships and castles and goddesses came from Elaina at For the Muse. If you don’t plan to design your own header, I highly recommend you pay a web or cover designer and purchase the copyright from the artist. But I’m getting ahead of myself here.

Today’s post is about Coffee Cup Software’s Visual Site Designer, a drag-and-drop style software that allows even the most clueless individual to create a website. And you don’t even have to know HTML coding! The software does it all for you! The program costs about $50, but you can give it a trial spin for free to check out if it works for you.

The program will take you step by step through creating pages, designing backgrounds, adding such special features as Flash, music, and images. Best of all, the HTML coding is done in the background by the program, making this software uber-user-friendly!

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