I did this list last year for writers and had a lot of hits from interesting places, so here we go again with more fun items–this time for all book lovers, be they readers or writers or both.

1. Bookmarks with LED Lights: Love to read at night but worried about keeping your bedmate awake? These lights shine just on your book, save your page, and will last for 10,000 hours.

2. NovelTeas: 25 Teabags with quotes from world-famous literature

3. Book Lovers Scrabble: The classic board game with a “novel twist.” Play a traditional game or add the Plot Twist cards for extra points and lots more fun.

4. Open Book Nightlight: Open the “book” to turn on the light, close it to turn off.

5. I Never Read Without My Glasses T-Shirt: Features two filled wine goblets for the “glasses” part.  

6. Bookshelf Pocket Watch Pendant: It’s a necklace; it’s a pocket watch. It has a picture of a bookshelf on it!

7. Charles Dickens Tie Clip: Because who doesn’t want an author’s head keeping their tie tacked down?

8. Stack of Books Ornament: A stockpile of books on a string for your favorite book nerd, student, or graduate.

9. Great First Lines of Literature Mug: All the classics on one mug!

10. Paddywax Library Soy Candles: Choose from an assortment of classical authors including Jane Austen, Edgar Allen Poe, Oscar Wilde, Mark Twain, and Leo Tolstoy, each with unique scents.

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