Early tomorrow morning, I’ll be flying to Houston, where I’ll be presenting my body language workshop for the Northwest Houston RWA on Saturday. No matter how many times I present this workshop, I never tire of it. One of the reasons is because it’s interactive, which means it’s never the same, thanks to the vivid imaginations and humor of my volunteers.

For example, at one workshop, I told a participant to pretend Brad Pitt had just dumped Angelina Jolie and was trolling for a new woman in the back of the room. This particular author quipped, “If it’s okay with you, I’d rather flip Angelina,” which got a lot of laughter from the audience. Another time, two ladies began a pantomimed stripper routine that had us all roaring. After one particular conference, I couldn’t get into the elevator without someone commenting about balloon animals or going into the male crotch pose (you’d have to attend a workshop to get the jokes).

I’m also taking the opportunity–after a very stressful few months–to decompress and spend some girl time with my number one baby, Tkat. On the agenda? Skydiving! Yep. We’re booked for a leap tomorrow afternoon. Yesterday, while discussing the particulars of our upcoming death-defying act, Tkat mentioned that she was excited at first, but now, knowing it’s booked and only days away, she’s starting to get nervous.

I think there’s a lesson in there for writers. We build so much anticipation into writing our stories, then percolate with anxiety when we think about leaping into the publishing skies. Then again, maybe I’m wrong. You’ll have to wait until I post again after my skydiving adventure for more of my brilliant insight on the subject.

And if Texas is too far away for you to attend my body language workshop, maybe New Jersey will work for you. I’ll be presenting the same workshop there in two weeks!

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