It’s Presidents Week. And anyone who knows my hubby knows what that means. Time for the annual family ski trek. Me, I hung up my skis a few years ago. Between my herniated discs and my osteoporosis, I thought I was pushing my luck to continue the sport. So once I got both kids up and running where they could keep up with Dad, I officially retired from the slopes. (The Boy now outskis his father, a source of tremendous embarrassment to my poor dh’s ego.)

For me, these trips are about the condo. I’m happy wherever we go, provided I have Internet access, an endless supply of coffee, and time to write. This morning, I made the boys blueberry banana pancakes and shuffled them out the door. Now, I’ll sit back with my never-empty coffee mug, my trusty laptop, and a magnificent view of the slopes of Pico Mountain (near Killington).

My one drawback? My Girl couldn’t make the trip this year due to her class schedule. But I’ll stay in touch with her via Facebook, AIM, and cell texting. Ain’t modern teknologee a wunnerful thang?