Today, May 3, two very special ladies celebrate their birthdays. The first is my little girl–who is quick to remind me she’s an adult now. Eighteen. Dang! How’d that happen? I swear, I blinked and bam! The baby became a lady. So a special message to the girl who still makes my heart smile every time she walks in a room:

I luv ya, kiddo. Keep making me proud and never forget what I’ve told you when it comes to your future. Love what you do; do what you love. The rest will take care of itself.
Our second birthday crown wearing gal is the uber-talented, prose-so-damn-good-she-makes-me-weep author, Shelby Reed. This lady challenges me to be a better writer, as well as a better person. She’s got a heart wide as Texas and a generous spirit you can’t help but admire. If you’ve never picked up a Shelby Reed story, do your soul a favor and treat yourself to the magic of her stellar words. You won’t be disappointed.
Happy birthday, my lovelies. May each of you live your own Happily Ever Afters every day of your lives. You deserve nothing less!