We have a new tradition in our family these days. A while back, we discovered that several of us are resources of useless facts so now, whenever we’re together, we tend to spout out a useless fact to see who else knows it. My daughter shared this one a few weeks ago, and I thought how fitting it would be to share it with you today.

In Finland, February 14 is known as “ystävänpäivä,” or Friend’s Day. (Do not ask me how to pronounce it. Go find a Finnish friend.) It’s a celebration of friendship with group activities, parties, special dinners or brunches and other social gatherings. Women send their dearest friends cards, and in fact, this particular day is the second biggest day for cards, according to the National Postal Service, Posti. They even have to hire extra workers to handle the three million or so cards that are sent to celebrate Friend’s Day!

To all my friends, no matter how long we’ve known each other, no matter how we know each other, no matter how much or how little time we spend together, please know how grateful I am to have you in my life. Know that thinking of you brings a smile to my face a thousand times a day. Please accept this card as a token of my appreciation and how much I value you in my life.