Well, lookie there! It’s February 2017, and ten years ago this month, my very first published manuscript, THE BONDS OF MATRI-MONEY, was released by Avalon Books.

So much has changed in the book world since those long-ago days.

The e-reader burst on the scene, and readers around the world could carry hundreds of books on a device that fit in a purse.

The internet exploded, allowing us to do much of our research online through articles, photographs, and videos.

The owner of Avalon Books retired and sold our backlist to Amazon. Our hardcover books were converted to paperback and digital formats, opening up a whole new audience for most of us.

Many publishers merged or folded, leaving fewer houses for all the authors.

Many bookstores went out of business, leaving a lot less shelf space.

Self-publishing, long scorned and belittled, became a viable option, allowing great stories (and some not-so great stories) to find an audience without a gatekeeper.

Social media transformed the way readers and writers interacted.

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Today, tell me what other changes occurred in the last ten years in publishing, or which one you believe has had the greatest impact on the industry.

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