I sold my first historical to The Wild Rose Press! Well…let me rephrase that. Katherine Brandon (my alter ego) sold her first historical to The Wild Rose Press!

Kismet’s Angel will always be near and dear to my heart because it was the first full manuscript I ever wrote. Oh, believe me. The story’s gone through hundreds of incarnations since those early days when it was 800 pages long and the H/h didn’t even meet until 150 pages in. Over the last ten years, I’ve polished and honed and cut that poor baby until only the main characters and the basic plot points remained the same. Sort of like a set of “Before” and “After” photos for a plastic surgery ad. It also happens to be Book I of my (ahem!…Katherine’s) Kismet series, which currently consists of three completed manuscripts.

Stay tuned for details on such exciting news as release date, website launch, and the fate of the rest of the Kismet family.