Writers don’t take days off. Even on holidays or between books, we’re always plotting, observing, percolating that next story. Forget Labor Day, Memorial Day, or even our birthdays. What we need is a bunch of holidays just for us. 
To take advantage of some of these, a writer might need to show proof of vocation (a published book, a contract, membership in a writing organization, etc.), but it would be sooooo worth it! 
In the U.S., most workers get ten paid holidays, standard. I’d be happy with these six:

1. Coffee Day. All writers get free coffee all day from their favorite shop.

2. Supply Discount Day. Black Friday for writers. Ink, paper, Post-Its, promo materials, etc. all at a 40-60% discount for one day a year. Open early, stay open late to accommodate our crazy hours.

3. Chocolate Day. Forget breakfast in bed on Mother’s Day! On Chocolate Day, family members must provide the writer in their lives with that special elixir that makes our Muse hum.

4. Celebrity Day. One day a year, writers get to pitch their best work to the celebrity of their dreams who embodies their main character. Who knows? Johnny Depp might jump at the chance to play Luc Asante in Eternally Yours.

5. Author Support Days (12 in all). One day a month, readers choose an unfamiliar author’s work, read it, and post an honest review. 

6. Escape Day. Send that writer of yours away for the day. Book a B&B, a hotel room, a camping site–whatever gets the creative juices flowing. Pack a laptop and other writing necessities. Put him/her in the car and wave bye-bye for one day and one night minimum so (s)he can escape the distractions of life for twenty-four hours of pure writing pleasure.

Did I miss any? Tell me.

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