Here in NY, the temperature has soared above 90 degrees for the fourth day in a row. In a perfect world, I’d sit in an air-conditioned room, whether at home or in a local coffee house, laptop poised, fingers flying over the keys, music playing, and an icy drink beside me.

Alas, each day I must leave my fantasy life behind to drive to Le Day Job where there is no icy drink, no laptop, and I’m constantly reminded by my boss that I sing a little too loudly. Well, at least there’s air conditioning, right? Wrong! Because of power outages over the weekend, I walked into an office hotter than a greenhouse. And as of this afternoon, the maintenance crew was able to get a/c running in 80% of the building. Can you guess what office was in the 20% area? Yep…mine.

Oh, well. At least I have the ladies room, right? Oh, yeah. Did I mention they’re painting the ladies room on our floor? Umm…okay. On the bright side, every time I have to pee, I get to take the elevator down to a floor with working air conditioning.

How are you handling the weather?