Yup. I found some more annoying commercials. Ready? Let’s see how many of these annoy you.

1. Flonase. “…six is greater than one.” No kidding?! Is this how stupid we’ve become? We need someone to tell us six is more than one?

2. All Laundry Detergent. You know the ad. The one with the sanctimonious soccer mom who points her kid out as “the one in white” when all the kids are in white blouses, but her kid’s blouse is the whitest because she uses All. I really want to punch her in the throat.

3. Movantik. Anyone else creeped out by “Frank’s” laugh when he talks about his doctor asking him how long he’d been holding in his opioid-induced constipation? No? Just me, huh.

4. Locally, my back goes up every time one of our voiceovers says, “joolery” for “jewelry.” There are several.

5. I’m also sick of local business owners putting their adorable kids or grandkids in their commercials. Trust me, they’re not as cute to the consumer as they are to you.

6. JetBlue’s “Fly Faster Than You Think” ads. Is there a time limit on when you can use the miles? Is that why that poor woman has to go on a honeymoon even though she’s not married? Or that guy winds up pitching a business he hasn’t planned beyond the name to a room full of potential investors? This doesn’t seem like a great message. Maybe I’m wrong.

7. Maya Rudolph’s “vajingle” for Seventh Generation’s feminine hygiene products. If you haven’t seen it, count your lucky stars. Do *not* Google it.

What about you? Got a commercial that drives you nuts?

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