It’s not that I think I’m perfect. I know better.

But I also know that if I vow to shed those pesky ten pounds or promise to break a bad habit on January 1 simply because it’s New Year’s, I’m only setting myself up for failure. I have to resolve to do something or change something, not based on the calendar, but based on my personal circumstances. 

For me, New Year’s is a time for reflection. It’s a time to look back over the past year, see what changes I’ve made for the better and move forward; see what has occurred that I’m not happy about and how I can change those aspects of my life. 

2012 was a challenging year for me with major upheavals and some bitter losses. I learned some harsh lessons, discovered some tough truths, and gained some insight into the hearts and minds of others. 2013 settled me in a much better place, but offered new lessons and new challenges to be met and mastered. I see room for improvements looming in 2014. 

And so I plan to move forward, with my eye on new goals, prepared for changes along the way, stronger, wiser, and proud of what I’ve survived and accomplished. No matter where the road takes me, I’m ready for the journey.

How about you? 

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