What? You haven’t thought of this? Come on…

How cool would it be if Ben & Jerry’s contacted you and said, “Hey. We want to make some flavors that are linked to your books.”?

It could totally happen!

Or maybe my doctor needs to adjust my meds again. But I have thought about this. Not a lot. Mainly over the last two hours or so as an idea for my daily blog post. But here’s what I came up with:

The Bonds of Matri-Honey: vanilla ice cream with ribbons of honey roasted peanuts and caramel.

A Little Spice of Heaven: vanilla ice cream dotted with Red Hots candies

A Rum for the Money: chocolate ice cream with bits of crushed rum balls

Nut Buddy’s Darkling: dark chocolate ice cream with peanut butter and caramel

Nut Buddy’s Business: vanilla ice cream studded with chocolate covered peanuts

Nut Buddy’s Praline: vanilla ice cream with pecans and caramel

Eternally S’mores: vanilla ice cream with graham crackers, chocolate chunks, and ribbons of marshmallow

In Your Cream: coffee ice cream with ribbons of vanilla cream and chocolate chunks

“Chai!” Sings Adonis: chai-tea flavored ice cream with chocolate chips

Duo in September: vanilla and chocolate. Natch!

Dream Union in October: pumpkin ice cream studded with chocolate chips and cinnamon sugar 

Carameling for Mother’s Day: vanilla ice cream with salted caramel

Doubling Cupid: chocolate ice cream with brownie bits

And, of course, I have no intention of neglecting my historical romances, written under my alter-ego, Katherine Brandon

Kismet’s Angel Food Cake: vanilla ice cream with multi-colored sprinkles and birthday cake chunks

Kismet’s Raspberry Revenge: vanilla ice cream with swirls of raspberry

Kiss-Mint’s Salvation: mint ice cream with mini Hershey’s Kisses

Eclairs of Love: vanilla custard-style ice cream with chocolate fudge ripples

Which one’s your favorite?

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