Well, it took a few days and a lot of finagling on my part, but both my Gina Ardito site and my Katherine Brandon site are updated, fully functional, and active once again. Next project? Maybe I should get back to writing? Okay…Monday’s soon enough. Today, I have a few minor things to tackle before I can fully focus on a new (or soon to be revised) story.
I’ve been playing in my head with an oldie but goodie: Nobody’s Darling. One of a trilogy about three sisters and their relationship with their men and each other. “Darling” was the only story I ever completed and while I love the hero and heroine, the plotline’s become a little dated since I originally wrote the manuscript. So…it just might be time for a major league overhaul. IF I can come up with a plausible setup for these two.
Don’t forget: Sunday I’ll be at the Wading River Duck Pond Day Festival under the Bookworm Publishing tent! I’d love to see you there!