Did you miss me? Life is slowly getting back to normal, or at least what will now pass for normal in the coming days. And yes, I do have fantabulous news, but…can’t tell you yet. I want to wait ’til it’s “official.” So stay tuned on that front.

So what can I tell you about in the meantime? Well, let’s see. My Romance Junkies excerpt was up while I was at National. Figures, right? The one week I couldn’t spend my time checking my stats every two minutes. The good news is that, while I didn’t receive a lot of comments, those I did get were rave reviews. Here are a few of the comments I received:

“I liked this one. I’m a VERY fussy reader by nature and this is a story that I would keep reading to see what happens next. :)”

“This reminds me of Shirley Jump’s books :)”

“Absolutely love this!!”

Don’t forget: the contest is still going on, so keep popping over there and voting!

What else? Let’s see… Oh, yeah. I’m working on finishing that particular manuscript, which for those who were looking was entitled, “Straight From the Heart.” I’m also adding some new touches to “Nobody’s Darling” because it garnered an agent’s interest at National. Yay!

Plus…I moderated a workshop at National for Amber Green. Her 50 Ways to (Nearly) Kill Your Lover was so successful, it inspired me to consider hosting a workshop in Dallas next year. Dress rehearsal will be the LIRW‘s September meeting. I plan to call it: Show Me the Funny: Adding Humor to Your Manuscript. But first, I have to write the blasted thing.

Luckily, I’ll be taking the week of my birthday off. This last month has solidly reminded me that life is short and we have to grab every second and suck it dry. So while I’m reconnecting with Phil, Tori, and Nick (my favorite four letter words), I’ll also sneak a little time with Alphie (my Alphasmart) and Larry the Laptop to handle all these tasks I’ve set for myself. Target goals: “Darling” off to prospective agent before I leave, Workshop ready to be given and applied to National by September 23rd, “Straight” finished before Halloween (hey, it’s as good a date as any). After that, well…we’ll see.

Another date to keep in mind: Monday, October 16 at 7:00 pm. That’s the date for my first library talk, which was originally slated to be my second. This time, it’s the Farmingdale Library. I hope I’ll see you there! I hope I’ll be there! :0)