This week, I’m the Featured Author at Cleve Sylcox’s blog and Eternally Yours is the featured book. Have you read my love-after-death romance yet? No? Why not? It’s garnering top reviews and promises to leave you breathless. 

Want a sneak peek? I’ll oblige. Here’s a scene I’ve never shared before. Tim died of AIDS and has been haunting a church ever since.  

Jodie scanned the stained glass windows, the giant crucifix, and the sacristy, doubt clouding her mind. She’d expected an apartment or a house, not a place of worship. Had she somehow misinterpreted the coordinates?

“Are you angels?”

The question came from the darkened apse, and Jodie shielded her eyes from the lights overhead to block the glare as she stared in that direction. “I’m sorry?”

A slender male figure floated forward, his face drawn with anguish, eyes wet with tears. “I said, are you angels? I’ve been asking God to send me a sign. I thought you two might be it.”

“We are in a way,” Luc replied from behind her.

Luc! she chastised him silently. You can’t tell him that.

Why not?

Because it’s not true.

Sure it’s true. Not the God part, but we were sent for a reason.

Jodie sighed. The God part is why you can’t let him think we’re angels. You shouldn’t mess with someone’s religious beliefs.

Oh, for Chrissake!

He’s been through enough pain in life, she added. Don’t compound his agony by uncertainty in the hereafter.

All right, he said grudgingly. Aloud, he told the spirit, “We’re here to escort you to the Afterlife.”

The worry lines in Tim Regan’s face eased. “Then I’m forgiven? I won’t spend eternity in hell?”

Jodie smiled. “No, Tim. That much I can promise. You won’t spend eternity in hell.”

Tim sighed and stopped inches from where she hovered. “I screwed up my life so badly. Drugs, alcohol, sex. Kenny was my saving grace. And even for him, I couldn’t stop.”

Hoo-boy, could she relate! Not so much with the drugs, alcohol, and sex part. But she knew all about screwing up her life, despite the presence of her saving grace. If she could live her life over again, she’d do it differently. She supposed Tim Regan felt the same way.

“Kenny forgave me, you know,” the ghost whispered. “I just couldn’t forgive myself.”

Jodie’s heart wept for this poor man’s misery. When she placed a companionable arm around the broken spirit, Luc’s snort tickled her ears. Ignoring her trainer’s mockery, she crooned, “Come on, Tim. It’s time to go home.”

Sniffling, Tim nodded. “Thank you.”

“For what?”

“For offering me hope. I’ve had so little hope since I betrayed Kenny. It’s nice to know that I can be forgiven, no matter how foolishly I lived my life.”

Now you see one reason why this book is leaving readers sitting back and absorbing what they’ve read and how it affects them. Stop by Cleve’s blog, please. Let him know you appreciate him featuring me and my special story this week!

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