I heard from a few readers who had trouble reading my blog post at Deadly Vixens and, asked if I’d be kind enough to reprint it here. I aim to please, kids. So, here’s the post in its entirety for your reading pleasure:

What the World Needs Now Is Love, Sweet Love

A couple of decades ago, The Police had a hit song with When the World is Running Down, You Make the Best of What’s Still Around. I don’t know about everyone else, but with all that’s going on these days: soaring gas prices, global warming, endless war, I sometimes feel the world is running down. So how do I make the best of what’s still around?

I reach for a romance novel. Now, contrary to popular belief, I don’t read romance because I’m some desperate housewife who believes that someday her white knight will pop off the Ajax bottle and whisk me away to a land of endless sex, wine, and chocolate. Though…the idea does hold some appeal…

…Where was I? Oh, yeah, right. Romance novels amid the world’s turmoil.

I’ve never understood the derision the genre creates in non-readers. There are plenty of things I don’t enjoy that others do. The Three Stooges come to mind. But I don’t automatically consider Stooge fans so out of touch with reality, they believe it’s perfectly acceptable behavior to smack their friends on the heads with a ball-peen hammer.

Some of the greatest stories and legends in the world have a romance at the core. Ditto the most popular movies, theatrical productions, and songs. Yet the snark level is much lower in those versions of media. So why is romance acceptable in every other forum except printed on pages?

Is the cover art to blame? Then how do you explain advertisers using clinches and bare skin to sell everything from cars to cologne to sports drinks? We still buy the products, don’t we?

Maybe it’s the love scenes. After all, no one makes love, right? Okay, scratch that.

What could the naysayers know the rest of us don’t?

Is it so totally unbelievable that two people might meet, overcome an obstacle or two, and become a united couple after the experience? God, I hope not. Because I think I’ve just described how most of us came into existence.

Reality check: In real life, I’ve never seen men who fight crime dressed as bats or spiders. Last I heard, no planes have gone down on a deserted island, stranding dozens of passengers (or just one passenger who likes to talk to a volleyball.) There has never been a dragon, an alien invasion, or a zombie. Except in our imaginations. And the advertisements on the back of comic books do not accurately depict the sea people you can buy and grow in your own sea-quarium.

But love? Love is what makes us people rather than humans. Love is what binds us one to another. Love is our creation, our ultimate gift, our hope, our future. Nowhere is love depicted better than in the wide spectrum of romance novels. And when the world starts running down, it’s the best of what’s still around.

Naysayers, take notice.