Over at Dear Author, there was a discussion regarding a certain author taking revenge on those who give her a bad review. Said author mused she would be putting one particular offender in her next book as a murder victim with some embarrassing health issues to boot.

Meanwhile, here in the Ardito household, I’ve been using my daughter’s friends as characters in my current WIP. Mind you, none have been brutally murdered or have a sexually transmitted disease. I’m basically using their first names. But every one of them is thrilled at the idea they might gain a little notoriety for posterity. Even Amanda, who was the only one willing to be “a bad girl.” We’re still brainstorming how bad she’ll be, but so far we’ve thrown around the idea that she poisons people with arsenic-laced cookies, or she’s a bank robber gunned down in a hostage situation. She’s up for anything.

To me, this is a perfect example of how intention and perspective weigh heavily on public opinion. My intention is to honor my daughter’s friends and that’s the perspective they come away with. This other author means to insult or defame a stranger. Thus the perspective from all involved is drastically different.

So…how do you feel? Would you be honored if I put you in a book? Or would you be seeking out an attorney?