August isn’t a month that gets a lot of love. It’s hot, the kids are bored and dreading back-to-school, it’s hot, barbecued food has lost its appeal, it’s hot, your hair is damaged from all the chlorine and salt, it’s hot…

But for me, August has been a look-forward-to month since I was 2. My birthday is in August (the 20th, to be precise). Hooray!

So, okay. After a few decades, I might not look forward to my birthday with the same enthusiasm I did when I was 6.

Why don’t we stir up some enthusiasm? For the next four weeks, send me a birthday message: here, on Twitter (@GinaArdito), or on Facebook and mention the word “contest” in your greeting. You’ll automatically be entered to win a copy of one of my books! The more greetings I receive, the more copies I’ll give away so be sure to let all your reader friends in on the deal. Limit one greeting per entrant per day.

Winners will be announced September 4, 2011. Come on, everybody. Show me some birthday love!

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