From the time I first started dating him, my husband would celebrate his “birthday week” every year in April. 

My birthday is in August (the 20th for those of you considering shopping for me) and this year, I’m planning to celebrate all month long. How? By sharing with my friends and readers.

First up, I’ve got a Goodreads giveaway going on right now for the last book in the Afterlife Series, WAITING IN THE WINGS. I’m giving away five copies so be sure to jump in on this! You can enter the giveaway through my widget on the right sidebar. ———->

As the month goes on, I’ll be giving away all kinds of goodies, including books from RWA’s National Conference, special gifts that make Long Island special, and gift cards to your favorite retailers.

What do you have to do? Comment here, add a review of any of my books you’ve read to Amazon (and let me know!), sign up to follow my blog on one of the two options available in the sidebar, or tag me on Facebook and/or Twitter in posts about my books, the giveaways, or my birthday. Help me get the word out. You could win big.

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