Poor Filippo. He always complains about his April birthday because of its proximity to Easter. And this year is no exception. Add to that, the fact that my in-laws are Greek Orthodox and there’s a pretty good chance his birthday will be overshadowed by a major holiday. This year Greek Easter is also tomorrow so it’s a crazy weekend for me. The kids and I will fuss for my sweetie’s 49th today (49 on the outside; inside he’ll always be a 9 year old boy) and make sure he understands how much we love him and appreciate all he does as husband and father. I complain (after 25 years of marriage, I’m entitled) but he truly is the sunshine in our lives. How can we not love the man who dances in the kitchen while he sings off-key and claims, “Today, I’m Kesha!” (I mentioned he’s really 9 on the inside, right?)

What did I get him? Ssssh! Don’t tell, but I picked him up a Nook. Not an obvious choice for my guy. The man has a love-hate relationship with reading. Still, he always tries to read the NY Times and the Wall Street Journal on the train. Unfortunately, between crowds where he can’t find a seat and late delivery so the papers land on my driveway long after he’s left for the train station, he winds up missing more than he reads. With the Nook, he can subscribe to the newspapers and read them at his leisure–without stuffing them into his already overstuffed bag and breaking another strap due to excess weight. Ditto all those documents and files he brings home from work or before a flight to some international city. I know when he opens it, he’ll be confused. But within a week, it’ll be something he can’t do without.

Happy birthday, Filippo. I love you yesterday, today, and always!