The fact that I currently have a heaping plate of issues screaming to be addressed on a daily basis can only mean one thing:

It’s time to start my next WIP.

I know. I’m a lunatic. But it seems I not only thrive on pressure, I crave it to the point I self-administer. By the gallon. Don’t believe me? Here’s a partial list of current items on my to-do list. (I reiterate: this is a partial list! Some things going on in my personal life are far too personal to discuss here.)

As President of Dunes & Dreams, I’m on a whirlwind promo tour for our upcoming Mid-Summer Day’s Booksigning (some details can be found in the right margin of this blog; more will be forthcoming as the day nears).
We’re also thisclose to receiving our incorporation from NY, the final stumbling block to RWA chapter affiliation. And we’re recruiting members and guest speakers for upcoming workshops and programs.
The Girl is in her last throes of College Shopping. Let the car shopping adventure begin. I have one (count ’em…ONE!) payment left on my car. Now originally, we bought dh’s car with the idea that when the Girl got her license, she’d take that one, dh would take mine, and, knowing we’d be just about finished with the loan on mine, I’d get a new car. Sounds good, right? But… I love my car. I’ve always claimed I want to be buried in my car (which is bizarre because I want to be cremated, but I figure they can just cram my rigid corpse into the driver’s seat and then set the whole vehicle ablaze–my own version of the Viking Funeral.) I’m not so sure I want to give it up. We could buy a new car for dh, but he parks at a train station all day and I hesitate to have him leaving a brand spanking new baby unattended with some of the inconsiderate jerks I’ve seen parking in those lots. And so the dilemma runs rings around us.
I have four (count ’em…FOUR) graduations in the coming few weeks. My godson graduates college next month (and I couldn’t be prouder of that kid if he were my own.) My Girl graduates high school, as does her cousin (my godson’s brother). And My Boy graduates elementary school. Somewhere along the line, we screwed up the Family Planning bit. Epic fail there.
I’m Agent Shopping my last manuscript, No Earthly Business and I just won The Knight Agency‘s Book in a Nutshell Contest for my blurb on that story. I’ve also figured out a way to revive Nobody’s Darling…possibly for Avalon Books.
July brings RWA National and the annual family vacation (which may be extremely poignant this year, but that’s a story for another time). August brings the release of A Run for the Money.
So…umm…yeah. Now’s the perfect time to start a new book. What’s it about? Well…it’s a sequel to No Earthly Business. As yet, it’s untitled, so I just call it “Sean’s Story.” I’ll be adding a progress bar to my margin of goodies on the right so we can all see how well I really do under pressure. Stay tuned for all the inherent pitfalls when I burn a toe or two on this high-wire act!