Here in the States, it’s Labor Day weekend, a time to celebrate the working man and woman, to thank those who fought for five-day work weeks, vacation and sick pay, and safety standards. Got some downtime? Why not watch (or rewatch) a great movie that celebrates the workplace and workers who made a difference (fictional or non)? Here’s a list of some of my favorites (in no particular order–just how they popped into my head). Feel free to add your own.

1. North Country
2. Silkwood
3. Norma Rae
4. 9 to 5
5. Office Space
6. Baby Boom
7. Glengarry Glen Ross
8. Network
9. The Devil Wears Prada
10. Horrible Bosses
11. Broadcast News
12. Up in the Air
13. The China Syndrome
14. Mad Money
15. Roger & Me
16. Thank You for Smoking
17. Tucker: The Man and his Dream
18. Monsters, Inc.
19. His Girl Friday
20. Clerks

That should keep you on the couch for a day or two.

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