This is a big week for the Arditos. My son had his “moving up” ceremony today, tomorrow is my daughter’s prom and Sunday, her high school graduation. What better way to share my pride than through photos? So if you can’t bear to look, you have my permission to avoid my blog until Monday (when the Pop Quiz will return.)

For the rest of you gluttons-for-punishment, feel free to gush with me.

The traditional photo: Baby Boy in front of all the photos on the fireplace mantel. (Yes, I’m one of those moms!)

Close-up during the procession.

Nick with his teacher, who once paid me the greatest compliment when he said he hoped his infant son turned out as terrific as Nick.

With his proud mom and dad.

Nick and doting Grandma.

My daughter will probably kill me for including this photo. But, in her defense, her graduation gift to her baby brother was to take him to the midnight IMAX showing of Transformers II last night. So this photo was snapped while she was on four hours sleep when she pretty much rolled out of bed to be at his graduation.

Congratulations, Nick! And just because it’s my favorite Nick photo ever, here’s my boy at age 2.
Tomorrow’s prom night. More photos then!