If either of my websites suddenly disappear from your computer monitor, don’t panic. I’m currently updating the sites and servers. It’s a learning process for me so be patient. Meanwhile, the blog will be up and running at all times so if you need to make sure I’m still alive, here’s as good a place as any to find me.
What else is new in my life? Hmmm…
My girl turns eighteen this coming weekend. 18! Maybe it’s hormones or maybe I’m just a huge softie at heart, but I spend a lot of time crying these days when I think about that. Wasn’t it yesterday we sang the Gin Blossoms together? (I Found Out About You, which she sang as “I’ll Never Buy You.”) And Sam Cooke? (The girl’s version of Cupid: “Cupid, draw back your bow, And let your arrow go, Straight to my mother’s heart, For me…”)
Oh, don’t get me wrong. I love the woman she’s becoming. She’s beautiful, smart, sassy, and compassionate. Except for a few rocky months in junior high, we’ve been very close throughout her lifetime. And we still sing together: thanks to the musical influence of her mother and her cousin, Missy, The Girl’s song repertoire spans four decades.
But as the big One-Eight approaches, I know that she’ll be moving on. First college, then eventually a family of her own. “Mom” will be the person she calls occasionally or the obligation visit for the holidays. My time with my girl is running short and I’m not ready to let go yet.
Okay…enough of that. Toughen up, old girl. Let’s move on to other news before I drench the keyboard and electrocute myself.
My local writing chapter, Dunes & Dreams, is officially listed on the RWA website! One step closer to affiliation. I’m so proud of all our members who continue to support our chapter with their time, energy and ideas. Way to go, ladies! We’ve got big stuff on the horizon! Remember: One Word at a Time…
First round of edits for Kismet’s Angel went back to my editor at The Wild Rose Press. Next comes a cover! Really! And of course, I should be getting a cover for A Run for the Money from Avalon Books within the next few weeks. You can bet they’ll both be posted here and on my websites immediately after hitting my inbox so stay tuned for those.
With the warmer weather reaching New York, I’ve been scheduling booksignings and appearances, so be sure to check the right margin of this blog for details on where you can see me. Even if you don’t buy a book, stop by, say hi, ask me about writing. I promise I’ll have some exciting surprises ahead.
What’s new with you?