At long last, Romance Junkies posted the first excerpts for their writing contest. Normally, I’m not a contest person: I’ve routinely found my contest scores to range from truly pitiful to raves. My most memorable contest scored me a 47 (?) and a 150 out of a possible 150. Not so coincidentally, that was my very last contest. I’m told this kind of span in scores means I have a strong voice; it connects with some readers, yet turns others off. However, it also means I’ll never win, so I don’t spend money entering the many chapter contests available.

But that’s me. My fellow LIRWer, Dawn Thompson, won several contests, including the one that launched her publishing career. So lightning can strike. Just not in my household.

With that in mind, I decided to enter the Romance Junkies contest for the fun of it. It cost nothing and the prize is a new AlphaSmart (mine has seen way too many days at the beach and the keys are starting to stick.) Plus, readers get to judge the entries. I can’t tell you when my entry will pop up or give you any information about my entry that will disqualify me. Still, I’ve read this week’s entries and saw one or two that I really liked. Why not pop over once a week, read a few, and vote for your favorite? And while you’re at it, see if you can figure out which one is mine.

Once the contest is over, I’ll ‘fess up, win or lose. And we’ll see if my voice connected with you or turned you off.