I can’t believe I actually have to address this topic. But here goes. In the writing world, as in The Real World, things don’t always go your way. Now, when the road gets rocky and the results aren’t what you anticipated, you can refocus your efforts, try a little harder, and keep going–climb over the rocks, adjust your pace to clear the hurdles, your eyes firmly fixed on the golden horizon. Or you can turn around and walk away; give up; quit.

Before you choose option number two, let me ask you: Why?

What exactly did you expect when you took your first steps on this journey? Were your plans realistic? Or did you dive in head-first, thinking the world was going to kowtow to you simply because you wanted this dream so much?

Writing isn’t like selling Tupperware or leading the local PTA. You can bust your butt for ten years and still wind up writing another decade before your first sale or a royalty check worth more than a dollar. Your sparkling personality is not enough to get you a multi-book publishing contract.

Writing isn’t like high school. The prettiest girl isn’t automatically voted Queen. Sucking up to the most popular kid doesn’t vault you into the elite circle.

Writing isn’t like your marriage where a few days of the silent treatment gains you your heart’s desire. You’re not an editor or agent’s “one and only.”

Writing is hard. It’s supposed to be hard. Writing requires dedication, professionalism, talent, passion, knowledge, excellent communication skills, drive, and a lot of luck. Published writers are the ones who didn’t quit. They absorbed the rejections, traveled the rocky road, and kept their gaze fixed on the horizon. There isn’t anything you’re facing that a successful published author hasn’t overcome to reach the gates of bestsellerdom.

Still want to quit? Go ahead. You obviously never had the fire inside you anyway.

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