Got a ready answer for that question? Guess what? It should be YOU! If you don’t love your work, really think your story is the greatest tale ever told, you’re doing yourself and your readers a disservice. You have to believe in yourself.

Consider Howard Stern. Seriously. A decade or two ago, only Howard himself (and his cohorts) referred to him as The King of All Media. It was a joke–a gag that no one took seriously. But he insisted on using the title whenever he was introduced on late night talk shows or before interviews. Most people probably thought he was delusional, a nut job, an egotistical yutz. And maybe…he was. But guess what? These days, the term, King of All Media, belongs to Howard Stern. No one else.

I’m a firm believer in visualizing to achieve success. If you can’t see yourself as a published author, every naysayer who tells you you’re delusional, a nut job, an egotistical yutz, can derail you. And when it comes to telling others about your writing, if you can’t gather up enthusiasm or honestly believe you’ve written something the public will love, why would anyone want to buy your book?

Forget the naysayers. Let bitter harpies call you a nut job. Think like Howard Stern. Be your biggest fan. Others will follow your lead.

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