This week’s rude awakening doesn’t just apply to writers, but to anyone who works in an organization (be it a volunteer or paying gig) with more than two other people.

We all have opinions, we all have ideas, and we don’t always see eye-to-eye. Healthy debate is good for any organization or corporation. Some of the best ideas come from brainstorming in a friendly environment where diverse opinions get people thinking outside their comfort zones.

But what happens if you’re on the losing end of the debate? Do you pick up your toys and go home? Sulk about the fact your voice wasn’t heard? Do you become so steamed you quit?

Okay…first, deep breath. Let’s analyze your position. Why would you quit? Have you lost the argument or have you lost your passion? The first is a matter of pride, the latter is a matter of the heart. The two are not synonymous and yet, many people allow their pride to dictate to them in matters of the heart. Be aware of what you’re throwing away and why.

So, now, you’ve thought about it, and okay, it’s pride that makes you want to quit, but really, how on earth can you continue to work with people who just don’t respect your genius? And if they don’t appreciate you, your passion is wasted on them. So it’s a vicious circle.

Hey! I’m not here to judge. This is your choice. But let’s go to the next step.

What do you think will happen when you quit? Have you made a difference to anyone at all? Were you involved in the daily goings on? Did you offer valuable input on a regular basis? What exactly will your former compatriots lose with your absence? More than a warm body? Did you contribute? Did you share? Did you offer your time, your assistance, yourself to these people?

Take a good look in the mirror and answer these questions honestly. Because if you didn’t really contribute anything of value, if you didn’t embrace the experience with that passion you claim you lost along the way, maybe you never had it to begin with. In which case, take your toys and go home. I doubt you’ll be missed all that much. Spectators can always be replaced. Those we value are those who value us enough to work hard and make a difference.

Wherever you go, don’t just leave a footprint. Leave an impression.

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