Hi, I’m Gina. And I’ve become hooked on an MTV reality show called Parental Control. It speaks to me on so many levels. As a parent, I can definitely understand the desperation of two people trying to find a better significant other for their teenaged darling. As the child of parents who never really liked my choice of significant other, I can relate to the teens involved wanting to keep Mom and Dad out of affairs of the heart. And the writer in me just loves the humor, the surprise, and the…dare I say?…voyeurism of watching new people getting to know one another, hitting it off, and sparking a new romance.

For those who’ve never seen it, allow me to ‘splain. Two parents who are fed up with their child’s boy/girlfriend choose two dates for their child to go out with. While said child is on these dates, Mom, Dad and the Vile Significant Other watch them on television. At the end of the dates, child chooses whether to stay with VSO or ditch VSO for one of the parents’ choices. I’ve seen episodes where child chose VSO (much to Mom and Dad’s disgust), where child chooses a new partner (followed by much hoopla from Mom and Dad but some pretty raw language from VSO), where child chooses no one (again, hoopla!) and in one memorable episode where child chose New Person, who then turned him down to leave with VSO! Can you see why I’m hooked? It’s an endless supply of teen angst, parental disapproval, and love in the 21st century.

When I’m not plugged in to this show, I’m working on revisions for A Little Slice of Heaven, the second of my manuscripts slated for publication with Avalon Books. Stay tuned for details as they develop.

Oh!…and football’s still going strong. We were rained out three weeks ago, lost a heartbreaker to East Islip 13-0 last week, and came back strong with a victory over the North Shore Colts today in the driving rain: 20-6. Record now with one game left in the season: W 5 L 3 T 1.

Go Wildcats!!!