It’s early in the morning, cloudy outside and I’m not ready to get out of bed. So I click on the television and a cell phone commercial comes on. You know the one–where the guy’s watching some little girl post flyers of her lost dog. He clicks a copy of the dog’s pic on his phone and starts forwarding it to all his friends, asking them to help him find this dog. Of course, the friends are successful and the little girl comes home to see her dog waiting for her. The minute she screams the dog’s name, I get all misty-eyed. It gets me every single time.

I guess because we’ve all been there. We’ve all been that little girl; we’ve all seen that little girl. Hey! Some of us have been the dog–lost and trying to find our way home. It’s those tiny pieces of humanity we as writers want to capture in our story.

What commercial’s humanity hits you in the gut?

Tomorrow, Candace Gold, Patti Ann Bengen and I will be at the Riverhead Country Fair under the Bookworm Publishing Tent. We’ll be signing books, chitchatting, and maybe even singing along to some favorite songs. Stop by and join us for a little while. We’d love to see you!