Came home to a few nice surprises yesterday, and the email from Avalon Books in my inbox was one of the top two. It contained the cover for the third book in my Nobody series, Nobody’s Perfect. Ready?

Nice, right? It matches the other two in the series and I love the little heart on the microphone. Why a microphone? Because my hero this time around is a radio deejay. Here’s the blurb:

To outsiders, Summer Raine has a perfect life. But inside her perfect home, her perfect marriage has fallen apart. Still, she never expected to have her husband’s infidelity aired on Cliff Hanger’s nationally syndicated radio show. Once she’s tossed the cheater out, she hopes to start her own business as a wedding planner. Funds, however, are in short supply. Lucky for Summer, her sister April hires her to work at Rainey-Day-Wife until she can get back on her feet again. But…Summer? A nanny?

Craig Hartmann spends his work days as Cliff Hanger, shock jock, but in real life, he’s a quiet, divorced father of three trying to hang onto his family and his sanity. What he needs is someone who’ll help him find the perfect balance. When he seeks an expert at Rainey-Day-Wife, he’s stunned to find himself face to face with the woman whose life he ruined in a radio stunt gone awry.

Juggling sports practices, temper tantrums, and trips to the emergency room while planning the celebrity wedding of her sister’s dreams, Summer discovers that the “perfect” life is one where nothing ever goes as planned. But this hunky deejay, his three rambunctious children, and all the chaos they engender just might be a close-to-perfect fit for Summer.

Nobody’s Perfect will be available in February 2012.

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