Going serious here, folks, so if you’re looking for my usual entertaining nonsense, you might want to bypass this post. As a romance writer, I’m always looking for the happy ending. But real life doesn’t always give you that happy ending. Sometimes, you have to accept closure, knowing that issues are unresolved. You close the door and move on, focused on the future, brushing the past behind you. 

A while back, a wise friend (someone we lost last year) shared some information with me that made me understand the issues I’d struggled with for many years. Some relationships, no matter how hard we try, stay toxic. Too much hurt, too much anger, too many bad feelings have poisoned the well. And when that happens, it’s okay to say goodbye and walk away. To protect yourself, to protect your family, and to protect your heart, you have to let go of the bitterness, but also prevent it from returning. 

I’ve already said my goodbye in this particular case and done my best to prevent all that bitterness from coming back into my life. I wish there could have been a happy ending to this tale, but alas. Real life isn’t as predictable as romance novels. And while I’m sure some people will have some choice words about my decision, and perhaps create stories about what a monster I am for turning my back, I know how necessary it was for me to remove a part of my life that made me anxious, insecure, and miserable. 

I made my peace. At this time, I hope they find theirs. 

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