What a great weekend here in Columbus for the Central Ohio Fiction Writers’ Write From the Heart Conference! Featured speaker, Suzanne Brockmann, definitely kept her audience captive with The Whole Enchilada, which discussed how to “anchor” yourself to writing, how to write the real hero, and a brief discussion on deep POV. I actually had to leave before the Q & A ended because Suzanne’s talk had inspired the next scene in my current wip and I couldn’t wait to rush up to my room to get writing!

Saturday’s workshops ranked supreme. I, personally, attended Virginia Kantra’s “Keeping the Romance in Your Romance,” and Susan Crandall’s insightful talk on “Internet Marketing” and walked away with scads of notes from both. But I also heard from other attendees that CJ Lyons wowed the crowd with her query workshop and Rhonda Stapleton had some great info for those interested in the YA market.

At lunch, Suzanne Brockmann once again took us through a fun and stirring afternoon of challenging ourselves to write the best books we’ve ever read.

I’m often amazed that, as much as I know about this business and writing in general, attending a workshop and listening to another author speak on a basic principle (such as Virginia’s talk on romance) can provide an aha! moment. After Suzanne’s inspiration for my chapter ten, Virginia managed to provide another idea for the same chapter that enhanced the relationship between my hero and heroine.

Tomorrow, I’ll drive home, but with fond memories and a lot of gratitude for the hospitality of Central Ohio Fiction Writers and their fabulous conference! Thanks, ladies, for all your hard work. You did an outstanding job!