Did you detect sarcasm in my title? Good for you. But it’s not why you think.

Look, I get it. Moms do a lot for us. And it’s nice to have a day to honor the women who gave us life, wiped our butts, sat up at night when we missed curfew, and loved us unconditionally.

What I don’t get are the “experts” telling everyone what to buy their mom for Mother’s Day. In the hour I’ve been awake this morning, I’ve seen people tell me “what Mom really wants” is a skin care system, an embroidered pillow, a set of retro glassware, a box of scented candles, new makeup, a calligraphy kit, jewelry from a major department store, and a card that says “Mom” signed by the artist.

Maybe it’s me, but…


Wanna make me happy for Mother’s Day? Here’s a few things I’d like (and I bet a few other moms might agree):

Clean the house without being asked.

Make dinner (instead of breakfast in bed). Reservations don’t count. And clean up afterward.

Planning to get flowers? Get plants and put them in the garden instead.

Write Mom a letter. Share memories of special times, pour out your heart, give her something she can read over and over and cherish each time.

Plan a Mom’s day off. Not on Mother’s Day. Spend that day with her (if she wants) or send her off on her own to do things she never has time for (whatever that may be). This includes watching little ones if necessary so she can truly enjoy her day.

If you don’t live close, call. Not just on Sunday, but other times. Let her know you’re thinking of her.  

Tell Mom you love her. Not just on Sunday, but every dang day.

Or you could always get her a book…

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