Umm…yeah. When I saw the tag on Dana Belfry‘s T13 this week, I just knew Kaige was going to hit me. Sometimes it stinks to be right all the time. 🙂 But okay, here we go:

1. You’re feeling: relaxed, but anxious.
2. To your left: The big screen TV (currently playing Little Miss Sunshine), a hallway, and an exercise ball dh uses for PT.
3. On your mind: Promo ideas for the release of A Little Slice of Heaven–JUNE 27, kids! And squeezing in time to work on revisions to my historical, Kismet’s Revenge.
4. Last meal included: Coffee, Multi-Grain Cheerios with skim milk and half a banana.
5. You sometimes find it hard to: keep my big mouth shut. Hence, I have a tendency to volunteer too often and to get involved in heated debates.
6. The weather: Sunny, a little breeze. 60’s right now.
7. Something you have a collection of: Books (naturally!) No matter how often I weed through them and donate boxes worth to my local hospital or charity, they still overflow my bookshelves and spill into shelves in the garage.
8. A smell that cheers you up: Anything in the oven. Apple pie, brownies, pumpkin, even a roasting chicken.
9. A smell that can ruin your mood: Burnt coffee. (Oh, the humanity!)
10. How long since you last shaved?: Last night.
11. The current state of your hair: It’s 9 am on a Sunday. I’m still in my jammies. So the hair is what you’d call, “rumpled bedhead.”
12. The largest item on your desk/workspace (not computer): A book called, “The Secret Universe of Names.”
13. Your skill with chopsticks: Doesn’t matter if it’s the song or the utensils. I’m useless at both.
14. Which section do you head for first in a bookstore?: Generally, I have a book or two in mind when I go to the bookstore, so I head straight for that section. After that, if I’m not already there, you’ll find me in Romance (natch!)
15. Something you’re craving: Right now? A day with no one home so I can write, write, write with no interruptions!
16. Your general thoughts on the Presidential race: This is one time I think I’ll keep my big mouth shut.
17. How many times have you been hospitalized this year: None. Please don’t jinx me.
18. Favorite place to go for a quiet moment: Get in the car and drive! Doesn’t matter if I wind up at a park or at Starbucks.
19. You’ve always secretly thought you’d be a good: teacher.
20. Something that freaks you out a little: Gory movies
21. Something you’ve eaten too much of lately: Pizza
22. You have never been to Paris (but want to go!)
23. You never want to allow my kids to lose faith in me.
24. The four people I’m tagging: For kicks, I’m going to tag the RWU blog for the week of April 27. Let all the fabulous members there post their responses. I hope you’ll pop over and read them! Don’t worry. I’ll send a reminder.

Thanks, Kaige. Luv ya, cupcake!