Yesterday was Mother’s Day. And my creative children came up with their own handmade cards for me. Indulge me while I share their accolades.

Tori’s card was entitled “A Book About Moms” and included the following (complete with illustrations, naturally!):

“There are moms that teenagers hate,
Moms that are trying to be ‘hip or cool…’
Then there are the moms that question and disapprove everything you do…
The moms that swear they are your best friend,
The moms that are never there.
But then there is you…
The coolest, raddest, awesomest, bitchingest, amazing-est MOM around!”

Nick wrote his in school and had to fill in the blanks (his answers appear in italics):

“My favorite time together is when we…go shopping together.
I know my mother loves me because…she takes good care of me.
My mother looks prettiest when…she wears her handcuff earrings.
If I could give my mother something special just from me, it would be…a nice light blue sweater.
I want to thank you, Mom, for…taking care of me, not getting mad a lot, and everything else.

Sometimes, as a mom, you wonder if you’re doing right by your kids. There’s no instruction book for parents and all you can do is fly by the seat of your pants. Every day, my two give me reason to thank whatever lucky star brought them into my life.