Last July, I posted snippets of conversation I overheard while at RWA National in Atlanta. It was one of my most popular posts this year (broken into two parts, here and here.) I decided to share a few more, from the NJRW Conference. This time around, I know the context for all of these, but it doesn’t mean I plan to share them here. Enjoy!

1. (In a crowded elevator on the way down to the keynote breakfast) “Quick! Someone come up with a story.”
“The elevator gets stuck and a hunky fireman has to rescue us.”
“And oddly enough, he’s nude at the time.”
Giggles erupt, the elevator stops at the main floor and an elderly couple, not part of conference, steps out with us.
“Do you think they realized they were stuck in a cage with a bunch of romance writers?”

2. “I don’t trust any BDSM writer who’s never been spanked.”

3. “I was warned some people might be jealous when they found out how quickly I sold my first book, but honestly? They hate me more when they learn I live in the Virgin Islands.”

4. “The black lights in the elevators here make me want to put on a white disco suit and start dancing to the Saturday Night Fever soundtrack.”

5. “I just moved here a few months ago, so we’re still learning our way around–me and my best friend, Garmin.”

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