Yes, kids. I have more! Once again, sometimes I knew the context, other times I’m as clueless as you. But the possibilities are endless!

1. “She was a Georgia peach, all right. Sweet and juicy on the outside, hard and bitter inside.”

2. “The good news about my publishing success is that now my kids won’t ever put me in a nursing home. They want to keep a good, sharp eye on their retirement plans. Make sure ‘she’ doesn’t go into a decline and stop producing.”

3. “When you’re riding in a pedi-cab, you can either look at the scenery or the backside of the guy pedaling you around. My driver had a butt that could crack walnuts so you know what I focused on.”

4. “Nora Roberts said the reason she produces so much is because she’s not on social media every day. I thought that was good advice so I posted it on Facebook, then wound up spending an hour and a half checking all my friends’ statuses.”

5. (At Security at the Atlanta airport Sunday morning) “I think I’ve been on this line since…Wednesday.” 

I’m now seated in the airport, waiting for my flight. To all those who are traveling home today (like me), have a safe trip! Thanks to everyone who made me laugh, inspired me, helped me come to some decisions, and most of all, thank you to my roomies, Carolyn Esposito Hughey and Rebecca Boschee for making this week so memorable and so much fun!

Next year is San Antonio. I’ll be there. Will you?

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