It’s another balmy day in Georgia and the RWA Conference is in full swing around me. There’ve been lots of squealed greetings, lots of hugs, lots of writing talk. What makes a writing conference–no matter the genre–so incredible is the creative energy that hums in the air. There are also the bizarre snippets of conversation only heard when a group of writers get together. Toss in computer techs here for a Microsoft convention and you’ve got a true mix of vastly different mindsets. Here are some of the interesting statements I’ve heard in my time here:

1. (After seeing an Alaska Airlines plane on the tarmac) “Hey, look. That must be a plane out of Jamaica. They’ve got Bob Marley on the tail.” 

2. “She told me my entire story revolved around the characters eating food. And it wasn’t even interesting food.”

3. “Did you ever hear someone’s voice that you haven’t met before and picture them in your head? I kept hoping she was fat.”

4. “Do you want to go to the ballroom?”
“No, I just want to find my way to the ladies room without a Boy Scout and a compass.”

5. “Her name is Kardasha. K,A,R, hyphen, A.”

6. “I don’t know how anyone gets around in this city. Every street is Peachtree Street.”

7. (Conversation between romance author and Microsoft conference attendee.) “I don’t read *those* books.”
“Yeah, well, Windows 8 sucks.”

8. “We had a great time last night. I wish I could remember it.”

9. “You’re making my head swell. Any minute now, my wig’s gonna pop off.”

10. “Oh my God. You made yourself a BDSM hamster bra!”

I admit, with some of these, I know exactly what the context was. Others, I have no idea. But they’re fun to think about.

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