The trip begins at Southwest Airlines at Islip’s MacArthur Airport.

No journey is worthwhile without a stop at Starbucks!
Paul, our driver, welcomed us to Orlando with a big smile and a big SUV.
Welcome to the Swan!
After a busy day at the Chapter Leadership Seminar, there’s nothing like relaxing in a chaotic room with thousands of people, signing books to benefit literacy! Note the glass of wine near my books that Chief Fetcher, Trisha, got me. (She spoils me. I’ll miss her when I give up the presidency.)
A walk on the Boardwalk at night is a delight for the senses.
Hey, look! See that blondish looking head? That’s Queen Nora herself, giving her inspiring yet entertaining keynote speech.
Bitch Wine, the official vintage of Dunes & Dreamers at Conference! Don’t believe me? Take a look at the cap:
It’s a heart with a knife plunged into the center!

 Okay…so maybe I should ‘splain. I got this fabulous bruise on my arm from schlepping my books after the Literacy Signing. Since he was big and still noticeable on Saturday night, we drew a face on him and decided he was my “arm candy” for the evening. His name? Fred.
After the awards ceremony Saturday night, we got together with some dear friends for 007’s and laughs. Left to right: Carolyn Hughey (Bling Girl), Chelsea Gilmore, and Elizabeth No Last Name who fit right in with her wonderful sense of humor and fabulous twang.
Debora Dennis and Jessie Esposito
Carolyn, Chelsea, and Elizabeth
The ultimate Chick Lit cover: dancing shoes and an alco-bev.
Trisha sporting her hair gear (mandatory for all the Dunes & Dreamers that night!) Perhaps she senses a scandal behind us!
Carolyn Hughey and her fabulous sister, Jessie Esposito
Sunday morning, Paul returned to drive us back to the airport for our return home.

My gratitude to RWA, the fabulous staff of the Swan and Dolphin Hotels, and everyone who made last week a memorable occasion! To all my friends, new and not-so-new, I’m fortunate to have you in my life. Thank you for sharing, writing, and laughing with me.